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Pregnancy Massage

Whilst being pregnant is a special experience for expecting women, it can also be stressful as they experience the changes to their bodies, the preparation for the little one’s arrival and not quite knowing what the future holds. Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage helps to reduce some of that stress and alleviate the physical symptoms of aches and pains, fluid retention, lack of circulation, loss of tone and stretchmarks. This massage has been specifically designed keeping the safety of mother and child in mind. Pregnancy massage not only focuses on the physical aspects of pregnancy but the emotional and psychological as well. It brings about nurturing, comfort, reassurance, acceptance and reduces the stress levels in both Mother and child. This massage is administered with the mother-to-be in a side-lying position.

Please inform your therapist of any conditions that have been brought to your attention before your session.

Please see below the conditions that would make it unsafe to have a Pregnancy Massage (or any massage for women who are pregnant) and for which conditions you would need to obtain a letter from your Doctor and present it to the therapist.

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Contraindications (Not safe to have a massage)

Please obtain a written letter from your doctor if you have any of the following conditions: