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Golf…And Remedial Sports Massage Therapy

This blog is to offer a little more information on pain or injuries that Golfers can experience at some point in their lives. Massage therapy is offered to help the muscles, if there are any other pre-existing conditions such as fractures or slipped discs and other non-muscular related issues etc you will have to see […]

Sleep… and your neck

There are a lot of causes of neck pain. We live in a day and age of technology and as a result we suffer from bad posture. If you sit in front of a laptop, you probably slouch or cross your legs or don’t have the correct ergonomics. We all have cellphones, and we all […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The concept of massage therapy has been changing over the years as people have come to realise the benefits and value that it has to offer – as a therapy and  not only as a ‘fluffy, feel nice’ massage. Although there are many different forms of massage, Massage Therapy can be a treatment on it’s […]