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My Story

My name is Jessica Bauer and I live in the Eastern Cape in East London. I first discovered massage as a client who needed to release tension build up in the muscles and went on to study with Balancing Touch in Centurion. I was so inspired by their passion and dedication to their students that Balancing Life was born and the vision to help people bring balance back into their lives was brought alive.

Massage therapy has become more to me than the luxury that it’s often thought to be. I’ve witnessed firsthand how it’s helped to improve quality of life, improve the performance of an athlete as well as those who daily sit in the office. It has become a passion of mine as I have seen the results of clients who have walked out of my office. Each client has a journey that they are on and a goal that they want to achieve which we walk together as we work towards improvement.

My goal is not only to help people as much as it is within my scope, but also to educate them in this very often, misunderstood field.