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COVID Protocols

Due to the current spread of the COVID virus same-day bookings are no longer available. You will need to book your appointment in advance. A COVID-19 Pre-Screening form will be sent to you the day before your treatment.

This screening is part of the hygiene & safety policies and protocols which enable us to practice as massage and touch therapy practitioners.  This is a vital step that needs to be conducted to ensure your safety, mine and other potential clients.

Failure to comply or meet the criteria of this assessment will unfortunately result in treatment postponement until is 100% risk free health clearance. Please read below and familiarize yourself with the protocol changes for arriving for your treatment. Kindly complete the checklist sent to you via email, this information will be needed before confirming your appointment

  1. Please ensure you are WEARING A FACE MASK!  This is compulsory for hygiene, health & safety.
  2. Arrival Screening: This will take place before you are allowed to enter the building/premises/ treatment room. Your temperature will be taken and recorded. Should your temperature exceed 38°C, you will not be allowed in the building/premises/ treatment room; and your treatment will be postponed until you are deemed healthy and fit by medical practitioner. Or self-quarantined.
  3. Your hands will be sanitized with disinfectant or alcohol spray. You will then be screened for symptomatic risk factors. Both forms of screening will be carried out for every appointment and must be documented and kept safe.
  4. You may not arrive earlier than the scheduled treatment/ appointment time and may not enter the building/ premises/ treatment room until the screening has been conducted and documented.
  5. Please note that treatments must be paid via EFT or online before arriving for your treatment, NO cash unfortunately will be allowed due to spreading risks.

Please understand that these protocols have been put into place for your safety and to prevent the spread within my practice.