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The benefits of massage therapy

The concept of massage therapy has been changing over the years as people have come to realise the benefits and value that it has to offer – as a therapy and not only as a ‘fluffy, feel good’ massage. Although there are many different forms of massage, Massage Therapy can be a treatment on it’s own or a co-therapy alongside chiro or physio therapies. It is just a matter of finding the right treatment you need. By no means is Massage Therapy a substitute for medical intervention or treatment, and although everyone responds differently since no two people are the same, Massage Therapy has benefits to help improve the quality of life for most people.

The benefits of massage were recognized centuries ago and were incorporated into the ancient’s daily lives, but that has become something of the past in our minds- if we were even aware of it. Most people don’t know that there are certain conditions that massage will assist with, and bring about results where other therapies have failed. Fortunately, the concept is slowly coming back into the modern world as a way to relieve daily stress and tension, as well as to eliminate pain and correct imbalances in the muscles and the body. This has mostly come about through necessity in the modern world, as a result of the demand that we subject our bodies to on a daily basis- be it work or play related. This is not only causing our health to deteriorate,  but our mental and emotional state too. Lets face it- on a whole we struggle to find balance in our lives. More people are subject to poor posture and muscle form due to desk jobs involving long hours in front of computer screens. Over and above that we are not giving our bodies the nutrients it needs to perform as our consumption of healthy foods and good nutrition has decreased over the years, and yet we continue to push our bodies to perform at high levels. And then we wonder why we face things like illness, burnout, anxiety and depression.

So what can we do to fix it? Can we fix it? Not all of us can dictate our source of income and change jobs on a whim. And even if we could, it’s one desk job to another for most people. The answer? To look after your body as much as you are capable of doing. Your health is up to you. Get the right nutrition; go out and exercise; build strength to help your body keep up with your daily demands; incorporate leisure activities that help you to recuperate and relax; and yes, incorporate massage into your life. It reduces muscular pain, releases tension build up, reduces stress, increases immunity, and so much more. By simply doing this, you increase your concentration and work performance. You help your body to help you.

-Jessica Bauer