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Pregnancy Massage

Whilst being pregnant is a special experience for expecting women, it can also be stressful as they experience the changes to their bodies, the preparation for the little one’s arrival and not quite knowing what the future holds. Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage helps to reduce some of that stress and alleviate the physical symptoms of aches and […]

Remedial Sports Massage

Remedial Sports Massage enhances sport performance, focuses on correcting postural imbalance, ensures correct muscle function, prevents possible future injuries or problems. It is therefore also suitable for people in the corporate environment and those involved in fine arts. This massage can also be used as a complimentary therapy with other treatments (such as Chiropractical or […]

Advanced Reflexology

Reflexology is the scientific application of pressure, and stimulation of specific parts of the feet, hands, face, or ears that bring about a result and response in specific areas and systems of the body. See prices under Book Now  Some of the benefits included: Increases circulation Lymphatic system boost as it helps to remove toxins and […]

Balinese Scalp Massage

The Balinese Scalp Massage originates from the Indonesian Spice Islands and is a relaxing massage working the upper back, neck, shoulders and of course the head. It incorporates elongated strokes with hands and forearms and has elements of Shiatsu and Acupressure points to loosen spasms and tension. It is different from the Indian Head massage […]


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